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        太極拳 與 陰陽

太極拳以 [太極] 為名﹐取義 [易經] 之哲理為大綱。“無極生太極﹐ 太極生兩儀”﹐ 兩儀者陰陽也。練太極拳必須以陰陽為綱。即以太極之陰陽對立相抱、可分不可離、 陽中有陰、陰中有陽﹐陰陽互根互用為總綱。動作要圓活連貫﹐對稱協調。

圓活者﹐圓滿、活潑生動也。每一個姿勢﹐周身上下處處要撐圓﹐要避免出現死角。 動作靈活﹐不僵不滯﹐而有螺旋抽絲之意。

連貫是指每個動作的銜接處做轉換時要似停非停。在上一個勢將結束時必須意識地 引動下一個勢之機﹐使不會有停頓斷續的感覺。使動作連接﹐綿綿不斷﹐神氣貫串。

          (The benefits of Tai Chi Chuan)

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    Tai Chi and Yin Yang

The term "Tai Chi" comes from [I Ching], a book of Chinese philosophy written more than three thousand years ago. The foundation of [I Ching] is Yin and Yang, the two basic elements known by the Chinese as the deepest secret of the universe.

Tai Chi Chuan is therefore governed by the principles of Yin and Yang. In performing Tai Chi movements, we must follow the basic principles of roundness, liveliness, continuity, balance and harmony.

This is why most of the movements are circular or spiral. While most learn the exercise step by step, in doing a routine, these steps are continuous. We must pay attention to the transition between steps to avoid halting motions.

Constantly maintaining body balance is utmost important in Tai Chi movements. This is an obvious benefit in practicing Tai Chi. Coordination between the upper and lower limbs as well as the left and the right is of equal importance.