Yin Yang

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Yin Yang

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Important Elements of Tai Chi Chuan

(1) First and foremost, hold the neck upright as if the head is suspended above the shoulders; retain a nimble energy on top of the head.
(2) Hollow the chest and straighten the back in a natural manner.
(3) Sink the shoulders evenly and hang the elbows downward. Slightly curve the arms so that the armpits are not tightly close.
(4) Sink the inner energy to the "dan-tien"(the field of energy).
(5) Relax the waist and the pelvis.
(6) Firmly stand on the ground with vivid knees forming an arch around the groin area.
(7) Center the body and ensure it is upright. Draw in the coccyx so that it points verticlly to the ground.
(8) With all the toes give a firm grip to the ground and depress the feet downward (be rooted).