Chinese             Tai Chi Title

  Can't Let Go  (Unkown)

Only you know how I feel Only you know what I miss
Can't you see you're just what I need
After all that we've been through
After all I've done for you
You should know my love is for real

Am I asking for too much Am I waiting for too long
All I need is your tender touch
Don't you know I'm on my knees
Don't you know I'm begging please
Won't you take a look at me now

No matter how hard I try Can't get you off my mind
I just don't know what to do to have you back here again
I can't let go, can't let you go
I'm trying don't you know All my love goes to show
I can't go on without you
I can't go on without you

新鴛鴦蝴蝶夢 Wonderful World ( / / )

There's a rainbow in the sky, fresh in colors of elite.
Lighting up the nights in my mind. All my dreams have come alive,
All my trouble's been tonight, All my pain have come to an end.
Suddenly you called on me, asking me to be with you,
Lighting up the days in my life. When I hold you in my arms,
I can feel that time has come, Asking you to be in my life.
Now that you've come to my life, I will make you my wife.
I wish i can ask you to have some children of our own.
Wonderful world, wonderful life, in which we'll leave and live,
Two days and nights we'll sing, until the end of our time. (粵語)
望向青匆那歲月,春與秋經風與浪, 一生相伴也響往,像有千般愛與恨,
踏過千山已仰望,舉世清風於宇宙, 喜歡相敘與相守,共你一起戲踏浪,
心慌似鴛鴦一般,已經化蝶成夢, 但那人世之間始終有悲痛萬種。
願我心內,亦有希望, 抹掉眼淚暗湧,再讓那夢已空, 溫暖目光同往。
看似個鴛鴦蝴蝶,不應該的年代, 可是誰又能擺脫人世間的悲哀。
花花世界,鴛鴦蝴蝶, 在人間已是癲,何苦要上青天, 不如溫柔同眠。