Waitankung Movement Description
12. CRANE WALKS (The Small Steps)

To release part of the ch'i you have accumulated during the previuos movements. Too much ch'i in your body makes you feel uncomfortable. The ch'i capacity in the body will be, however, gradually increased by the act of accumulatiing and releasing of ch'i. Increase ch'i capacity will result in more ch'i in you body. This is the bases for a healthy body.


  1. Stand with two feet in apart in parallel, in a width that equals to the distance between the armpits
  2. Keep the knees straight
  3. Let arms hang down loosely at the sides, back of the hand face the front with fingers slightly apart
  4. Shift weight to the left, lift the right leg stiffly to step forward a liitle, then shift weight to the the right and lift the left foot move forward in a small step; you are now walking like a robot
  5. Stop after 9 steps
  6. Turn hands so that the palms face the front. Walk backward in the similar manner for 9 steps
  7. Do this back and forth "robotic walking" 3 to 4 times

Key to this movement: step like falling leaves; smile like a happy baby. (步如落葉浮地上﹐臉似嬰兒笑呵呵)

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