Waitankung Ancillary Movement (HAN CALISTHENICS)

To losen up the back and let ch'i flows on the body.

Bend body down while keeping both legs straight. Both hands hold horrow fists, with one to reach the ground and the other hanging loose next to the knee.


  1. Stand still with feet apart in parallel, at shoulder width
  2. Hang arms down by the sides with hands holding horrow fists
  3. Bend body down with the left fist to reach the ground while the right fist stays at the knee level
  4. Utter a "Hung" sound on while bending
  5. Utter a "Ha" while straightening and returning to the standing position
  6. Do step 3 - 5 reverse the fists (.i.e., right fist to touch the ground; left arm hangs around knee high)
  7. Alternate the left and right fists for 9 times

Keep the head up and look straight to the front while bending down. Do not look at the floor. If you cannot make you fist to reach the ground, do not force to hurt yourself or attemp to bend your knees. Just go down as much as you can.

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