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Waitankung Movement Description


PURPOSE: To activate your inborn ch'i through relaxation. This is a critcal step to prepare yourself for subsequent routines.

MOVEMENT DESCRIPTION: Stand up in a right posture with a calm and peaceful mind. Relax the body with hands hanging down. After while slowly wave hands controlled by waists. This routine should take at least 15 minutes.


  1. Stand straight with two feet paraellel in inner shoulder width. Bend knees slightly (approximately one half inch).
  2. Relax the whole body with two hands loosely hanging down, keeping armpits slightly open and fingers apart with the index finger slightly tilted.
  3. Breathe naturally; free the mind from any distraction.
  4. Rest head easily on the neck, with chin slightly tucked in so that the head is in vertical position.
  5. Look straight ahead with a somewhat smiling gesture to relax the facial muscles.
  6. Keep jaws close with the tip of tongue touches the upper ridge behind the upper teeth.
  7. Wait for ch'i to travel around the body. When start feeling parts of the limbs tremble, slowly move arms (from the elbows down) in a up and down motion (but continue to keep fingers apart from each other).

NOTES: If body trembles vigorously, stop and take a walk to calm down. When moving arms up and down, do not exert any strength.

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