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Waitankung Movement Description

PURPOSE: To circulate your original ch'i through slow respiration. This is to strenghten your ch'i resouvoir (Tan Tien) which is the main part of the body for original ch'i storage. The movement is to enhance the "Mother Path" iߡjand the "Father Passage"iߡj, the two most important ones among the 20 main paths in your body.


  1. Stand straight with two feet paraellel in outer shoulder width.
  2. Open palms with fingers apart then put left hand on the stomach below the navel (except the thumb). Place right hand on the back of left hand so that the index fingers and thumbs are forming a hole leaving the navel exposed.
  3. Relax the back of the head, neck and backbone and keep them in straightline.
  4. Rest head easily on the neck, with the chin slightly tucked in so that the head is in vertical position.
  5. Bend knees while leaning head slightly backward (eyes focus on 'seeing' the top of the head). Inhale slowly through the nose and push the air into the abdomen section by expanding stomach to its full extend (in roughly 9 seconds).
  6. Straighten knees slowly while exhaling through the mouth using the same amount of time and bend the body forward about 15 degrees.
  7. Repeat the above inhale and exhale motions for 9 times.

NOTES: Keep the inhale/exhale motions smooth. Do not hold breath between intake and outpour of air.

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