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Waitankung Movement Description

PURPOSE: To keep limbs supple, improve blood circulation, and increase stamina. The movement helps in enhancing the "The 12 Meridians" iQGgߡjin your body.


  1. Feet stay apart, in parallel, wider than shoulder edges
  2. Bend the knees to form an armchair sitting position
  3. Extend the arms in front, chest height, wide as the feet, palms facing down with fingers slightly apart
  4. Turn palms to face each other and move them closer to about 2 to 4 inches
  5. Turn right hand to face up, then use the inner edge (the pinky side) of the right hand to press against the juncture of the left hand between the thumb and index finger ("tiger mouth") for 2 seconds
  6. With the back of the right hand touching the front of the left palm, rotate hands so that now the inner edge of the left hand touches the "tiger mouth" of the right hand. Press against the "tiger mouth" of the right hand for 2 seconds
  7. Make a reverse rotation, separate the hands, palms facing down,
  8. Lower the body to throw the arms backward as far as you can and stand up with body leaning slightly forward
  9. Lower the body to swing the arms forward to the front with the knees bent
  10. Repeat above (steps 4 - 9) nine times
  11. Remain in a sitting position (step 2 & 3), relax and wait for ch'i to flow to and from the hands and the shoulders. Your arms (or hands) will tremble as if electric current exists
  12. Repeat (steps 4 - 8) once, after throwing your hand to the back, lower them to line up with your sides with the palms cupped; relax and wait for ch'i to make your arms tremble

NOTES: At the end of steps 11 & 12, if there is no feeling of ch'i, gently move the arms back and forth to encourage ch'i activation; but do not exert strength. In step 8, when squatting, try not to bent but keep body as straight as possible.

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