Waitankung Movement Description

To relax the arms and shoulders to make them more flexible. This movement also helps to broaden the chest and improves eyesight.


  1. Keep the feet apart at shoulder width and parallel
  2. Keep the arms hang down naturally
  3. Raise the left arm in front of the chest, palms facing down, fingers slightly apart
  4. Place the right hand in front of the stomach (1.5 inches below the naval), palms face up
  5. Bring hands close and pull them away - 3 times
  6. Raise the left arm straight up above the head, palm face-up
  7. Lower the right arm beside the right thigh, palm face-down
  8. Spread fingers outward 9 times aand wait for ch'i to make arms stretch up and down for at least 30 seconds
  9. Repeat steps 3 - 8 with the opposite hand

When in step 8, turn the eye balls to imaginary look inside as if you are staring at the tip of you skull. This is a common techique in ch'i kung (qi gong) called "intrnal-sight".

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