Waitankung Movement Description

To strengthen the bones, joints and tendons of the legs and to improve the functions of the kidneys, the bladder and the intestines.


  1. Hang two arms diagonally on the two sides of the body, two hands hold fists 2 feet or more away from the hips, the thumb and the small finger stick out with the thumbs of the left hand pointing to the knee cap and the thumb of the right hand pointing to the right leg behind the knee
  2. Raise the left leg above the ground, slightly to the left, without bending the knee
  3. Move the left ankle to bend foot so that the toes are pointing towards the ground then bend foot to make toes point upward; repeat the foot movement 9 times
  4. Relax the left leg, turn it backward to hang behind the body, swing arms to follow the leg movement; now the thumb of the right hand points to the right knee while the tumb of the left hand points to the left leg behind the knee; form a staight line from the left foot, leg and thigh, via the chest, the neck to the right side of the brain
  5. Wait for ch'i to activate; When ch'i starts to flow, lower parts along the straight line will tremble; let it work for 30 seconds or more
  6. Repeat 1 - 5 with the right leg

Chi flows back and forth along the inner part (the Yin side) of the leg up to the opposite side of the head. This benefits the kidneys. Ch'i also flows along the outer part (the Yang side) of the arms which benefits the intestines.

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