Waitankung Ancillary Movement (HAN CALISTHENICS)

To loosen the shoulders and stretch the body and limbs for ch'i activation.

Throw arms up and down sideway from below the naval to above the head in a semi-circular movement.
See steps described below. Repeat steps 3 through 6 slowly nine times.
Inhale when moving arms upward with a "Hung" sound and exhale on their way down with a "Ha" sound.


  1. Stand straight in a close position, heels in touch, toes point away at roughly 45 degrees angle
  2. Spread feet apart wider to line up as a horizontal line
  3. Two arms down in a hold hands position, palms facing upward, right hand below left
  4. move arms upward from the side, palms face down
  5. continue upward movement, when passed the height of the shoulders, turn palms to face up
  6. arch arms on top of the head, palms face up, left fingers point at the left ones

The purpose of the "Hung" sound is to vibrate the thorax. Use the "Ha" sound to expel all of the air from your lungs.

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