Waitankung Movement Description

To strengthen the spleen, the reproductive organs and relieve stress.


  1. The feet remains apart in parallel. Move the left foot to keep a wider distance
  2. Bend the knees and raise heels to stand on toes
  3. Place the hands in front of the chest, palms up with fingers facing (but without touching) each other
  4. Keep head, neck and backbone in a straight line and relax
  5. Spread fingers outward (i.e., towards the ground) 9 times
  6. Turn head to the left 3 times, then to the right 3 times
  7. Lower the palms to 2 inches below the naval, then raise them back to the chest; repeat these movements 20 times or more

This routine is geared toward inducing ch'i to run up and down the paths along the abdomen and the chest from the limbs.

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