Waitankung Ancillary Movement (HAN CALISTHENICS)

To stretch the spinal and allow ch'i to travel between the tip of the back bone and the top of the head.

Bow to the right and to the left with emphasis on the intake and outpour of air from the lungs. This movement simulates an ice-skating gesture and hiding hands inside the sleeves as if you are going against the gusting wind.


  1. Stand in a close heels position
  2. Put left hand on stomach with the thumb and index finger to the left of naval (do not cover it)
  3. Put right hand on top of the left hand, with similar fingers position so that the two hands partially overlap
  4. Move right foot forward diagonally (45 degrees)to the right
  5. Bend body forward about 30 degrees with a strong "Hung!" sound
  6. Straighten body with open hands with a long "Ha!" sound.
  7. Retreat left foot to its starting position
  8. Repeat step 3 - 6 with the left foot on the left side
  9. Alternate above right and left movements 4 more times

The overlapping hands should leave a small hold in the middle so that the naval is not covered by the palms. Inhale when bending your body forward, with stomach tucked in. Exhale on your way back to a straight up position, stomach relaxed.

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